Mayuka Goenka
Square Moon

Quick chat with Mayuka Goenka, Member of Dwenindia

A female entrepreneur you admire and why?
A female entrepreneur I have tremendous respect and admiration for is Anu Acharya, CEO of She is the one to watch out for.

Anu has pioneered the cause of genetic diagnostics in India. Her success comes from pure focus and dedication. What makes her stand out in my mind is how REAL she is. Probably one of the most intelligent, balanced, humble and genuine people i have had the privilege of calling a friend.

Mantra for success is?
The mantra for success is.. Knowing that there is absolutely NO mantra for success! Sometimes, just pure luck and the alignment of planets can be given credit for success.

Sustainable Success, however, is a different ball game altogether. I would imagine it calls for being committed, consistent and chronically optimistic! Also relentless in the face of failure.

Being your own boss is to you?
Being my own boss means I have a very difficult boss to please!
Jokes apart, isn’t everyone their own boss? We all make our own choices from amongst options (which vary greatly from person to person). But in the end we all answer to a ‘higher up’.

Profile: SquareMoon is the brain child of entrepreneur Mayuka Goenka. She has studied Production at the NYU and Digital Film-making, Editing and Journalism at NYFA. She is also a management graduate with a Masters in marketing and s backed by strong work experience on her family’s businesses. A travel and adventure enthusiast, Mayuka envisions rare & power-packed experiences for women like herself. She is currently on sabbatical! After the Bond Girl experience and Commando experience, she is currently working on the ‘Mommyhood Experience’. By far the most confusing, challenging and rewarding experience that she have had!



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