Arpita Khadria
Barefoot Brand Consultancy & Bezzerk Inc

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A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

Anita Dongre


1. She uses both sides of her brain. She is doing creative stuff and making it into a big business.

2. She is using her education and following her passion, in order to succeed

3. She is staying true to her style and has made her brand available to so many people. She has taken the non-elitist route to the fashion business, which I admire. All my businesses will also have a very down to earth feel to them. That is how i would like it to be.

Mantra for success is?

“Think big. Start Small. Act Now”.

Also optimism, patience and resilience

Being your own boss is to you?

Freedom. Am most comfortable when I am held accountable for my own decisions – good or bad.

Profile of Arpita Khadria: Arpita Khadria is a serial entrepreneur in the branding and technology space. Prior to her entrepreneurial stint, she was working as brand manager of Fast track at Titan. Arpita has also taken guest lectures at IIM, CMS Bangalore, and TAPMI where she was voted the best guest lecturer by TAPMI students. She is an alumna of TAPMI Manipal and did her schooling from Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer. A travel fanatic she has her own blog called Fanatic Traveller on WordPress!

First company: Barefoot Brand Consultancy

Barefoot is a brand consultancy firm for startups that provides consultation services like brand launches, brand building, market research, et al.

Second Company: Bezzerk Inc

A game and app development company focused on casual games and apps in 2D design.

First game:


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