In today’s dynamic world the expectations from individuals are very high – as students you need to get good grades, as adults there are expectations from your family as well as from your professional avatar. Meeting deadlines, the need to always perform, balancing your sanctity creates a lot of stress to the individual. To top it driving during peak hours adds to the woes. Interesting times and the question is – How do I Manage Stress?

Stress is nothing but encounters in life – challenges which tests our capabilities to solve. What is important is to accept them as challenges and embrace it with an open mind. We need to start dealing with them and work towards a Plan A/B/C/D. If you can’t find a plan look for people who can guide you or partner with you. You need to be emotionally and mentally strong to embrace the outcome as learnings in life. With those learnings future similar challenges can be tackled. Surrendering to stress is a Big NO as that erodes the confidence of the individual and makes them vulnerable. However, the other extreme is that you become so strong mentally that you become insensitive and that should also be avoided. Try to connect to the human being of self and maintain the balance and harmony

Enjoy the Present and Develop a Healthy Lifestyle – The other day I was in a dinner table when my friend commented that he had extra sweets which in turn would increase the intake of calories and he was conscious of the fact that he over-ate and felt guilty. That is a simple definition of stress. Stress is a silent killer and we are not even aware that it exists. The point which I am trying to emphasize is to just eat without thinking or worrying too much. Yes, inculcate a healthy lifestyle where you exercise daily which would take care of your over indulgences so that you can eat without worrying too much. Simple?

Spend an hour with yourself – In the 24 hours, try to find at least an hour with yourself where you pursue/do what you like. It can be reading books, watching movies, listening to music, painting, etc. This will nourish your mind and take your thoughts away from the mundane routine of our daily life. The good part is that there is no specific time to do this activity. You can do it early morning, late night or even during noon – whenever you are comfortable.

Work Life Balance – When you are working, devote that time to your work only. Try not to get work at home. When you are at home, spend quality time with your family and friends. Weekends are meant to be spent well while you are donning your personal avatar. When you are on leave and have your Out of Office on, stick to that completely. The problem arises when you try to juggle both work and life in the “other” time. It will straight away reduce the mental stress which gets created.

These pointers are from people (Marketing Director, Sales Director and Head of Marketing) who are successful and have handled stress positively in their lives.

Hope the above helps to ease us out from the “stressful” lives which we lead. Come to Think of it that apart from the usual stress, we will have the T20 Cricket WC, The Football WC, The Elections in India, The new KFC burger, The Beers and Junk food, The early morning flights, etc. which would add to the “stressful” woes. So don’t sweat if the party gets over – we always have the After Party to look at 🙂

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