More Advanced Personal Branding

In the fourth and the concluding part of the series on Personal Branding, I would like to share with you some more advanced methods to pursue personal branding. In the previous post I had talked about Activating the PR machinery, building academia engagements, relationships with analysts, participation in online communities and being members of professional panels and bodies as advanced methods of personal branding.

The other method of personal branding is to be part of Coffee Corners. Coffee corners are informal networks of professionals from various organizations but with common professional interests, who come together in informal settings to exchange and learn from each other on best practices, challenges they face and how they can leverage each other to build professional practices and processes for their organization. Participating in these professional discussions not only enhances your knowledge levels but also improves your standing in the community.

One last suggestion on branding methods – Podcasts/Videocasts on your blog. Podcasts/videocasts are short recordings of your presentations/speeches where you can express your views on professional topics. These are about 3-4 minutes long and can be recorded using basic recording devices and minimally edited using software easily. These can be posted on your blog or on Youtube.

I would like to conclude the topic of personal branding with some broad pointers on what one should and should not do on this journey of personal branding:

1. Most employees, customers and partners expect that a leader communicates to them. Personal branding helps in this communication. Hence, this should not be delayed. Starting early in the career is always advisable as it gives more time to you to brand yourself and also enjoy the benefits of your labor

2. At the same time, do not jump into the journey without preparations. In the first three posts, I have outlined the methods of personal branding step by step. It is a long journey, so equip yourself well for the same

3. Be sensitive about perspectives and information you share about the organization you are a part of. Do not disclose sensitive data and information. If you are not sure of what data would be sensitive, please check with the relevant authorities in the company. If in doubt, do not disclose!

4. Remember that your identity as a professional is very closely linked to your role and standing in the organization. Ensure that there is no disconnect between the two. Please check with your corporate communications function to check for any inconsistencies

5. Be diligent in your pursuits on personal branding. Prepare a clear calendar of events and milestones that you will like to pursue and stick to them.

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As I close this piece, wish you the very best in your journey to building a great brand for yourself and your organization. As the journey progresses, you will begin to enjoy it and will be able to reap the fruits of your efforts over the years. Do feel free to write in your suggestions and comments.

Sunder Madakshira is Head Marketing – Adobe India. He is a recognized speaker in industrial forums such as NASSCOM and CII. Published with permission from

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First Published on: Oct 3, 2013, Revised in 2019


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