Olacabs.com is your stop for all sorts of car and cab rentals. By a click you’ll know the various car rentals available and the price offered by different operators, basically it makes life a lot easier! A smart idea don’t you think? Well it has to be since the CEO and Co-Founder is a smart one too, Bhavish Aggarwal Co-founder and CEO of Ola Cabs graduated from IIT Bombay and in 2010, he started Ola Cabs.

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Can you describe your brand in three words?
Efficient, Empowering, Exciting!

One interesting fact about the brand?
Pioneers in whatever we did – aggregation as a business model, one touch mobile app booking, e-invoicing etc.

One of the most memorable marketing campaigns of your brand?
Launching Mini at auto fares in Bangalore (and we continue at those rates as on date) . This idea came to us when we offered cab rides at auto fares on auto strike days in 2012 & ’13 and saw phenomenal response from people!

What makes you brand hot?
Innovative approach to solving a real problem of transportation in India – completely changing the way people move about. And we’re young!

3 things that you look for when you hire people?
Passion to make a dent in the universe, perspective with openness to consider another’s and acumen to learn and grow

One thing you love about Bangalore?
The city is very entrepreneurial in nature. The way the city received a young and upcoming brand like us is testimony to the fact.

Plans for 2014?
New cities, more in existing cities and phenomenal growth overall!


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