Britannia NutriChoice is one of India’s top health brands today, leading a change in the way Indians think, feel and behave about health and healthy living. NutriChoice has a deep and enduring belief in the role that small yet smart food choices can play in helping people get more out of their lives every day. NutriChoice offers a unique range of healthy snacking choices that can meet in-between cravings and nutrition needs of a diverse set of consumers.

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Today NutriChoice launched India’s most Healthylicious cookie- NutriChoice Heavens, at a high octane event, attended by internationally acclaimed, Michellin star chef – Vikas Khanna. Heavens is a completely, New to Market Experience, and is targeted at active, urban Health Enthusiasts who are discerning about the food they consume and seek a world class product, high on taste and yet wholesome in health. Baked using the best- in- class European Technology, these cookies come in two irresistible flavors – Cranberries & Oats and Almonds, Banana & Oats. The healthful mix of juicy cranberries, the finest bananas, crunchy almonds and sun-kissed wholegrain oats delivers heavenly taste in every bite.

Cranberries, an ingredient in NutriChoice Heavens is a super food, contains antioxidants and are beneficial for heart health. Almonds are rich in nutrients such as monounsaturated fats, magnesium, protein and vitamin E as well as fibre and phytochemicals. Oats help in weight management and also has heart health benefits.

NutriChoice Heavens contributes to the daily fibre requirement of an individual. Two Heavens cookies provide 8% of an individual’s daily dietary fibre requirement without adding any trans-fat or cholesterol. Heavens therefore helps in making one’s diet healthy.

Britannia’s latest offering carves a distinctive niche for itself with its positioning. According to Mr. Varun Berry, MD – Britannia, “NutriChoice Heavens signals our intent to launch significantly differentiated products in the space of Delightful Health. Heavens is an effort to give the Indian consumer a truly world class product, using state of the art baking technology. We will continue to innovate and launch delightful health products to help more people adopt a healthy life and enable them to get more out of their lives every day”.

On Britannia’s understanding of the Indian consumer evolving food needs, he adds, “NutriChoice’s core consumers are health believers; the early health adopters who have a pre- disposition towards health and actively lookout for products and services to support their health goals. However, in order to lead the next wave of growth the objective of the brand is to enable even health beginners adopt health”.

Designed by Britannia’s Food Technologists in association with nutritionists, NutriChoice Heavens is the best of both worlds… something that even Celebrity Chef Mr. Vikas Khanna agrees. He says“In all my years of experimenting with food and trying to find a product that tastes incredibly tasty and is yet healthy, NutriChoice Heavens turns out to be an absolute winner in my book. Today’s lifestyle makes it imperative for people to opt for healthier options in food & NutriChoice Heavens, with its exotic, super food ingredients and sophisticated visual appeal will surely inspire many to switch to a ”Healthylicious” quick snack. These cookies score high on the Health Quotient and are literally quite heavenly in bite. A Thumbs Up sign to Britannia’s Food Technologists for giving us Heavens!”

The visual identity of the brand and the packaging design across the portfolio is also being revamped to add visual delight. The packaging design change is being done to make it more premium and contemporary. Each of the cookies in the pack comes in a single serve pouch for retaining the freshness and for convenience.

Each 100g carton pack contains 6 individually packed delicious cookies, attractively priced at Rs.50 per carton.

Not only does the latest launch expand the existing NutriChoice portfolio, but it has also revamped it, making it delightful and consumer friendly, in line with the company’s vision to make NutriChoice the ‘most delightful health brand’ of India.


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