It’s that time of the year in India where we get huddled up in our cozy couches to watch the ever so famous 20 – 20 series, spending hours on obsessing about who’s going to win and who’s not. Let’s face it, we are a cricket country and Nike is being smart about it.

Campaigns hardly go wrong when they prioritize to connect with the audience. With this in mind, Nike has just launched a new digital campaign called ‘Make Every Yard Count’, which will provide the cricket crazy youth of India an opportunity to show their passion for the game. Nike has announced the production of a crowd sourced digital film, this will give hundreds of people the opportunity to be featured in their new slow motion picture. So if you have a click in your cricket gear Nike wants it.

With the increasing number of subscribers on Apps like Facebook and Instagram, the world of still images is continously growing, people take pictures all the time especially memorable ones. A website called claimed that the increase in Facebook users was 22 % percent from 2012 to 2013. Instagram has also grown from being an IOS only App to having a massive social presence with an approximate 150 million active users availing itself to android users too. Nike aims to crowd source these pictures, pictures that were taken when they won their first cricket tournament or their first match or the first time they hit a century, pictures which hold some emotional value to the people and then share with the rest of the world.

Nike have had a succession of participative campaigns in the past, “Bleed Blue” to be one of their prominent ones which allowed fans to generate their own digital hand print in the support of the Indian cricket team by simply logging onto their website A great way to increase traffic, brand awareness and allow people to connect to the brand. This time the process is even simpler, participating in this campaign is as easy as sending your picture via inbox to NIKECRICKET Facebook page or tweeting the picture with a hashtag #justdoit. Whether you are wearing a marketer’s hat at an IT firm, the healthcare industry or you may the creative whizz of an entertainment industry, it is vital for any kind of business to have an engaging/participative digital campaign because every business has its own set of customers that it needs to connect with. The idea is to understand what appeals to ‘your’ customers the most. Nike understood that it was the ‘cricket’ factor that made the fans connect with the brand. What makes your customers connect with your brand? Find it and then capitalize on it. It’s hard to go wrong.



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