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Rajiv Mehta
Chief Executive Officer
Arvind Sport Lifestyle Ltd.

Defining the New Age Customer and hence how would the New Age Marketer be..

First thing to understand about new age consume is that demographically they are becoming younger and younger. The consumption pattern in modern India is such that no matter which brand you are, no matter what you are, whether you are an electronics brand or you are a apparel brand, the consumer that is consuming you is much younger than what you expect hence the new age consumer from demographic perspective is between the age of 16-30. That is the first difference that needs to be in the mind of marketer. The second difference is behavioural. You may be 16 year old or 30 year old, behavioural patterns given the way technology has advanced over the last few years, is drastically different than what it was even two years back. The advent of smart watches, the advent of smartphones, the no of apps that you have, amount of data that people consume in a day, the amount of conversation that people have with each other in a day is far more than what it used to be hence the space is becoming because of technology a lot more cramped and hence it is becoming lot more private and difficult for brand to get into consumers and get the consumer attention.

Given the amount of data that is there, the amount of distractions that are there it is important for the new age marketer to make sure that he or she gets consumer attention. So these are the two ways I would define new age consumer, one is on demographics and other one on behavioural. Keeping these two in mind for a new age marketer, it is essential to be part of the conversation that the consumer is interested in. If you are a brand it is important to engage the consumer in the brand, it is important to talk about the brand in the language that is relevant to the consumer whether it is twitter, whether it is Instagram, whether it is Pinterest, whether it’s Facebook or whether it is just plan simple blogging.

Today’s consumer given that is present on multiple channels on multiple platforms, it is important to the brand to leverage that. So it is not about loud advertising, it is not about newspaper and magazines, it is not about anything else but making sure that you are relevant to consumer in that particular conversation. That’s the fundamental thing that’s the new age marketer needs to keep in mind to be able to create conversations relevant point to the new age consumers.

“These are the two ways I would define new age consumer, one is on demographics and other one on behavioural”


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