Paul Writer launches New Age Marketing ,
Video interview series of CXO’s highlighting best practices

Harkirat Singh
Managing Director
Woodland India

On must-do’ vis-a-vis your brands’s online strategy..

This is the future way of selling and it is definitely going to be bigger and bigger. So our challenge here is of course how we can give our consumers the same kind of service as our stores on the e-commerce platforms as well. We also try to see how we can sell with the right kind of competition, as sometimes we see sites selling products with a lot of discounts and offers that really hampers the sales in our stores which we ultimately want to avoid so we try and improve our product line or reduce the prices in our store and the website also. Even in our store we promote our e-commerce platforms by helping customers view our products virtually so both of these streams are integrated well.

“We also try to see how we can sell with the right kind of competition.”


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