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Mohit Ganju
SVP & Head- Marketing & Communications
IndusInd Bank

How do you evolve beyond tactical metrics into assessing business impact – Marketing Operations.

Digital is business for us and each time we do a digital campaign we look at the larger picture, even though ROI is important. So if I am doing a particular digital marketing campaign I am trying a certain ROI on that. There are other factors that drive the bigger picture both from front end & back end digitalization. About the front end digitalization, whether it’s my online account opening platform, my video branch or the other digital campaign I am doing with other portals. Somewhere we do track not only what is the core business impact of each of these activities but on more softer things on how the whole brand is evolving, how people are taking it, how the awareness levels are going up, how it is impacting my new to buy acquisition because many of these activities do not do anything to do with that but there is an impact on that. Similarly my whole backend digitalization, there are cost saves that happen, there are efficiencies that are driven, there are turnaround times have reduced. When I say whole business impact of it, it is not only in hardcore numbers it is also other issues that need to be seen to take a bigger picture when you are embarking on digital journey, what are the aspects that need to show some traction. That’s where we are right now.

“There are other factors that drive the bigger picture both from front end & back end digitalization.”


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