Brand Summit Jury: Anuradha Kedia, The Better India
Brand Summit Jury: Anuradha Kedia, The Better India

1.What according to you makes a brand ‘hot’?

Every brand has to have a unique personality that communicates with the audience. More authentic the brand, more easily relatable it gets.  
2. A `hot’ brand within few hours can become `not so hot’. What are your tips for brand owners to help them keep their brand hot?

Staying relevant, that’s the key to keep your audience engaged and your brand hot. More importantly, it is important for a brand to accurately identify its audience and make sure that it constantly works on being more relatable and accessible to it.
3. Technological boom is the talk of the town. More and more brands are investing in automation tools, AI and content marketing to name a few. How do you think technology can keep a brand hot?
From developing a deeper understanding of your customer behaviour, ensuring the deployment of social listening tools and adopting advanced techniques to reach a more focused audience set, technology can play an important role in building growth strategies for a brand that allows them to be authentic, relevant & hence hot.

With many feathers in her hat, Anuradha Kedia, co-founder of The Better India, comes from a diverse background. Post a civil engineering degree with three gold medals from RV College of Engineering in Bangalore, Anuradha went on to complete her management degree from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which gave her a solid foundation in marketing, product development and strategic thinking.

In 2008, Anuradha co-founded The Better India along with her husband, Dhimant,, with a vision to curate and distribute citizen action driven positive stories that showcased the stories of changemakers, innovators, and unsung heroes in and around Bangalore. Soon, positive feedback started pouring in from readers across the country and the content she carefully curated on what was then still a personal blog, started to have a ripple effect in driving social good.  As the Content head, Anuradha soon realized that the stories on The Better India easily cut through the clutter of news, and served to inspire and motivate people.  Today, with more than 50 million unique readers monthly and a large social media presence, The Better India has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry to create ground-level impact and has evolved to become India’s largest positive impact media platform.


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