The new TVC by Tata Docomo talks about ‘Zyada Wala More’ under its new proposition – ‘Har Baar More’. The TVC highlights the functional promise of the brand to deliver ‘more’ than the customer’s expectation, every time they recharge on Tata Docomo network.

The narrative of the ad is quite simple and seems to have been inspired by daily goof ups faced by corporate executives. In the ad a corporate executive does a faux pas by trying to associate the English word ‘More’ with the Hindi word ‘Mor’ (peacock) while presenting an idea. The script idea is quite funny and innovative trying to convey the ‘More’ message in an interesting way in turn giving the peacock mode more limelight throughout the video.

The brand through the video tries to convey the message that on dialling the USSD, the viewers / customers would get MORE or rather ‘Zyada Wala More’ on every recharge. Every customer can benefit from this new campaign of Tata Docomo and what you need to do is, dial *123# to get ‘More’.

Coming to the statistics part, the video has got around 577 views although the video was released few weeks back. However I feel if promoted well the video has potential to go viral.


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