When a customer reaches out with a specific request, if this customer is valuable enough, most are able to fulfil it.  Marketers have also progressed towards providing customised solutions for a defined demographic.  But, given that each customer feels that they are unique, marketers are searching for ways in which the customer can be treated as an individual.  Given that modern businesses serve millions of customers and indeed, handle more than a million transactions a day, the need is to find a way to treat each of those million customers as though they were individuals.  How can we use technology to create “Massively Scaleable Marketing for One?”  This was the theme of the CMO Roundtable co-hosted by netCore Solutions and Paul Writer which saw participation from thought leaders in NCR.

So what are the drivers to personalisation.  Rachna Prasad, SVP Marketing, Oxigen talked of how it is possible to segment and customise products by known interests such as golf, for example.  Amit Sharma, CVP & Head Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Max Life Insurance, broadened this to say that it is about creating relevant anticipatory experiences.

Given the large amount of data that is now available to customers, how does one use technology to enable this personalisation was the next question under discussion.  The marketing thought leaders present felt that outsourcing pockets of data is not a good idea.  Because what happens in one data set doesn’t actually stay there.  As Vijay Shankaran, Director – Digital Strategy, GBM Digital Studio pointed out, paying a bill in one channel doesn’t prevent you from getting reminder notices – and rude ones at that – on another.  What is required is to have the right data and the right analytics at the right time.  Your ability to personalise is directly proportional to your data management capabilities.

Arvind Gupta, National President (Convener) of BJP IT Cell added that the goal of marketers would be to achieve a single view of the customer, in real time.  It is difficult however for most as there are legacy databases which are inaccurate and siloed.  A step in that direction would be to remove the walls between departments and allow the free flow of information.

Personalisation is possible by listening into social conversations said Varun Jha, Director Marketing, SnapDeal.  Consumers today, the digital natives, can make informed decisions on how much privacy they want.  From a brand perspective, marketers have to determine if they are running a campaign or designing a program to delight the customer.

Kamini Rupani, CMO of netCORE pointed out how customised and personalised emails sent in a contextual manner can considerably improve open rates.   The key is to have content that is relevant and timing that is sensitive to the user state.  Varun Yadav, Digital Marketing Head, Apollo Munich Insurance shared an example of how using the help of netCORE’s solution they were able to revive and nurture cold leads through custom, relevant communication significantly improving open rates and responsiveness.

Key takeaways from the program were:

  1. Listen into social conversations and tweak communications in real time
  2. Remove silos from within the organization
  3. Be aware of privacy laws and what your customers permit you to access
  4. Focus on adding value to the customer through relevance, timeliness and innovation
  5. Be context-sensitive




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