Sujan Roy

Head Marketing Services (International)

Regional Head (South Asia)

Tata Motors

What are your 4 most frequently used apps?

Whatsapp– Whether it is work or play, nothing is quite as useful a WhatsApp. With colleagues and partners spread over 18 nations world-wide, email or voice is just too slow as situations unfold real-time. Updates, suggestions, decisions happen instantly 24X7 on WhatsApp. What’s more it works well even when there is meagre bandwidth, always handy in the deep interiors of a third-world country. It is also a great tool for keeping up with industry peers, competitors, people with similar interests on closed groups. Thanks to WhatsApp I have cut down email and voice usage significantly and added to productivity.

Facebook– The place to connect for less ‘real-time’ stuff. It allows me to keep the larger team and partners aligned to what is happening with my work, my life and my thoughts. Similarly, it allows me to understand their priorities, passions and pain areas. A great place to gauge Zeitgeist or the mood of the moment- always a key piece of information for a Marketer.

InstaFetch- Being known to be a voracious reader and information sponge, I am bombarded by with links to interesting stuff to read. All the links get ‘InstaFetched’ – that is neatly stored, cleaned of pesky ads, pop-ups and garish formatting in an easy to read format for whenever I am between meetings or waiting.

MortPlayer- What does the voracious reader do when his hands and eyes are otherwise engaged (driving, for instance)? Viola, audio books. MortPlayer is an audio player that makes it easier to listen to audio books. A perfect companion on flights and when being chauffeured with a pair of Bose QC25 Noise Cancellation headphones.

A new app you would highly recommend?

I recently discovered Apus, a fast, light and compact free launcher. The stock launcher on my phone was unstable and so was Google Now (another favourite). But Apus is uncomplicated and never ever stutters.

How do you evaluate an app before downloading it?

I read a few Top 10 reviews online, shortlist about 3 that fit the bill and then read up the reviews and compare the scores on Google Now to zero in on the app I shall install.

An app that you envision would be useful in the future?

The movie, ‘Her’ set in the near future envisions the OS interface as natural language conversation. That is, you speak to the OS like you would to any human being and it responds likewise. Google Now and Siri are still a long way off until a conversation becomes more natural. I envision that in the next 3 to 5 years we will be talking and responding to our phones in the same manner as a friend, companion and an assistant. It would be great to assign personalities to these assistants. Imagine if your ‘phone assistant’ could adopt fictional character personalities and the voice of Gabbar, Mogambo, Mona Darling or the robot C3PO!


Sujan Roy is Head of Marketing for Passenger Vehicles in International Markets in Tata Motors. He is additionally entrusted with the responsibility as Regional Head for Asia and Europe.

Mr. Roy markets in 18 countries as diverse as Uruguay, Indonesia, South Africa and Bangladesh. He plans to add half-a- dozen more markets to his repertoire in the forthcoming months. Mr. Roy has over 2 decades of auto marketing and product experience in India and abroad. He has served in various senior Marketing and Product related roles at Volkswagen, Honda, Mahindra, Mercedes and Lexus.

He is married and lives in Mumbai with his wife and two daughters. He is a technophile, traveler, avid reader and an award-winning writer and speaker.


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