Marico Innovation Foundation has launched its fourth batch of its catalytic scale up platform, Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP). Launched in 2011, SIAP helps ’For Profit’ & ‘Not for Profit’ social organizations through business interventions in order to amplify their direct impact within the social ecosystem. Infusion of innovation within the social organization, its processes and people to increase the scale of the organization and to accelerate its direct impact on the underserved communities in India is the objective of SIAP.

Social Organizations often perceive ‘Capital’ as the most essential ingredient to achieve scale not realizing that it is only one of the elements which are required to scale up an innovative model of any social organization. These need to be imbibed within the DNA of an organization to help achieve sustainable growth.

Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP) works with social organisations upto 24 months; to help them recognise business challenges that inhibit their growth and help them create business solutions to their social challenges.

An innovative model, impact of the organisations work, size of impact of the challenge, the readiness of the organisation to grow & the ability to accept new processes and the commitment of the leadership team towards the acceleration process are the parameters that the organisations are judged on during the selection process. Applications are put through a rigorous, multi-tiered assessment process to select the next batch of organizations which will be accelerated by the Foundation.

SIAP has accelerated organisations like Yuva Parivartan (Helped build its Employment & Livelihood Exchange model), The Akshaya Patra Foundation (a hub-and-spoke model of kitchen operation helping it increase its reach) and Fractal Microspin (helped build a sustainable business model to translate the technology innovation into a well-scaled, socially impactful business enterprise) and is in process of accelerating business of Envirofit India, ERAM Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Safe Harvest Pvt. Ltd, Aglakadam Aajeveeka Academy and Tara Livelihood Academy.


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