Interview with Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President, ITSMA at The Great Indian IT Marketing Summit and Award 2017. This was 5th Annual Great Indian IT Marketing Summit & Awards co-hosted by LinkedIn and with ITSMA as Knowledge Partner. The recognition program conducted at Shangri-La saw participation by the lead marketers of 100 technology firms.

The day-long program started with exclusive Masterclasses conducted by Rob Leavitt, SVP, ITSMA on Account-Based Marketing 2.0: An Integrated Approach to Growth and Innovation. Read more about –  What’s Next for ABM: Tips and Predictions from ITSMA’s NextGen Forum

In this exclusive interview, Rob Leavitt spoke about recent evolution of a CMO’s role, one of the biggest trends in IT Marketing in 2017 and advise to marketers starting out today.

You can also read Five Keys to Success: Deloitte’s Thought Leadership Shift by Rob Leavitt.


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