Would you move out for a burger? 

Burger King’s diverse marketing has been making headlines for its innovation. Their interaction with Wendy’s (a competitor) went viral because the audience found it to be cute. In a bold move, Burger King asked Wendy’s to prom and in a surprising turn of events, Wendy’s said yes.

Burger King (BK) France asked customers to move out for a whopper. The Whopper Move Out campaign promised that BK would help you move out. The catch, of course, is only if you moved into a town with their restaurant. People who wanted to move were asked to register on BK’s Facebook page. The person who lived furthest from a BK would win a free move.

In Africa, they released their BK Dino App that allowed children to collect BK cards with their meals. These cards enabled an AR experience through the app. You could see animations of the dinosaurs in their surroundings. It also serves an educational purpose as you can learn how to pronounce the dinosaur names, facts about them and what they sounded like.

In Spain, Burger King used their Instagram stories to gain traction.

Burger King added a poll option that allowed Instagrammers to select the fillings for their burger and obtain a code that they could use to redeem a free InstaWhopper. Without spending on social media advertising they were able to engage with their customers and garner more visibility.

270,000 brand interactions and a 10% increase in followers without money spent on marketing. 

With the digital landscape spreading fast and wide, it has become essential for brands to find new ways of engaging with their audience. The aim nowadays is to create a campaign that will go viral. Read our article on how to generate content that will go viral here. BK’s efforts seem to be paying off. They’re certainly gathering the interest of consumers. By keeping up with the trends and using those in their marketing strategies, Burger King has managed to grab the attention of their target audience.



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