Over the last few years, the number of viral sensations the world has seen is a dramatically large number, from the humorous Joe Biden memes to the latest Priya Varrier sensation.

The question is what do we stand to gain from the viral craze? If you leap at the opportunity you can use the spotlight to endorse your brands.

Is there a way to predict what videos could go viral? Perhaps a few hacks you can employ while creating ads for your clients? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Finding the Common Factor

There must be a common factor that every viral sensation has, right?  What’s common between Momondo’s DNA journey and the Airtel 4G challenge ad? Both have completely different tones and yet somehow both went viral. According to Meenu Bagla, Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing in Tech Mahindra ads that invoke emotions of amazement, awe or humor have higher chances of going viral. It’s all about the human factor, make sure your ads are relatable to your audience and target the spectrum of human emotions to create an impact. If you can identify what will resonate with the audience, you have more chances of grabbing their attention.

2. Short and Sweet

In the current multi-tasking, fast-moving time, everything is more concise than before right from news to poetry. People prefer short and sweet, easy to access content that won’t take up too much of their time. ‘Keep your content short,’ Meenu Bagla’s counsel on how to go viral. Ads that are longer than a minute have lesser chances of going viral so keep it short!

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3. The Right Kind of Endorsement

What’s the difference between a standard celebrity endorsement ad and say, Manyavar’s ad starring Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma? You can get celebrities to endorse your brand but how do you get those ads to create waves? Isolate what celebrity gossip and pairing excites the audience and why, then use the same vibe and pairing in your ads to gain more traction. Manyavar’s ad is a classic example of a viral marketing strategy that works well.

4. Catcher in the Eye

If your ads don’t have the right mix of tone, color and vibe along with the branding, it won’t catch the audience’s attention. The power of the visual effect! Find visuals that suit the brand but make sure the visuals will appeal to your target audience.

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5. Get with the Times!

Follow Amul’s lead and zoom in on the latest viral sensations and news stories to use as endorsements or simply to make your voice heard. Keep track of what the world is talking about, what’s buzzing on their social media feeds and try to use that influence in your ads. It’s already exciting the masses so you know it’ll click with them.

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