Paul Writer in association with IBM hosted a webinar on ‘Understanding AI for Enterprise’ that aimed at discussing how AI can impact ROI and business outcomes in various fields from retail to education.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the topic and talked about how using AI can enhance efficiency and customer experience.

AI, Machine Learning etc. are buzzwords that everyone in every industry has heard said IBM speaker, Akash G, Product Manager, IBM Power Systems. The purpose of this technology is to make work easier, but if the processes behind it are not rigged to generate maximum efficiency then the purpose becomes void.

Softwares like IBM Power System have enablers and apps that make things faster and save on data preparation time. These tools are designed to aid in data processing and can:

  • Help in saving time by 80%
  • Is enterprise-ready, and distribution is built on open source
  • It is also fast and easy to deploy

For more on the topic, you can view the full recording here.


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