Paul Writer launches New Age Marketing ,
Video interview series of CXO’s highlighting best practices

Nissan Joseph
Managing Director
Crocs India

On the role of technology transforming a business like theirs..

The amazing part is that we live in an era where technology has made the unthinkable possible. Today it is possible to have stores without product or stores without associates working in those stores, and all these things are only possible because technology has evolved. We almost live in an age where if you think of doing something technology will make it possible. The point to look at here is how do you think you are leveraging technology that are available to a brand out there to build that meaningful consumer experience and I think digital technology and the technology that power it are going to be critically important when going forward. For example, using digital to be able to sell inventories from across India is a big part- we are beyond the click and collect technology which is almost generation one of digital. Today digital is about making sure that you have a total experience while leveraging the inventory that exists in a brand supply chain wherever that might be. No longer is it free shipping or getting a product to the consumers door but today I think the new world being global cross border shipping has also taken on a whole new meaning which needs technology to not only enable it but also execute it.

“We almost live in an age where if you think of doing something technology will make it possible.”


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