Celebrities are known for taking an insurance out for their best features from their smiles to their waistline. Amitabh Bachchan has a copyright for his voice, as does Rajnikanth. Hollywood actor, Bette Davis had her waistline insured and the enchanting Julia Roberts literally has a million(s) dollar smile!

When rumors about Virat Kohli getting his beard insured started circulating, people were quick to comment. You can view the video that started the chatter here. In the video, you can see two men measuring Virat’s beard and taking pictures. It certainly does look like the rumors might be true.

Soon after the video went viral, Virat addressed the rumors. In what seemed like a press release, Virat talks about how he doesn’t need insurance for his beard because he has something better. Virat presents the secret to his beautiful beard which is a Phillips trimmer. See what Philips did there? The press release was actually an ad in disguise. But we knew that already. However, the innovation of the campaign can’t be denied. The virality of the video because it starred Virat Kohli and the absurd rumor of his insuring his beard certainly got the attention of the crowds. Even those who thought it was ridiculous took part in making the video and the hashtag #ViratBeardInsurance famous. By bringing in the element of humor and stardom, the campaign was able to jog people’s curiosity. This way Philips was able to build up interest until the ‘press release’.

Virat is the new brand ambassador for Philips range of male grooming products and an ad he did for the brand ‘Too Yumm!’ also featured a similar tone where the people in the ad were shocked at the fact that a fitness-conscious sportsman like Virat would eat chips. Virat reveals towards the end how the chips are not fried therefore there’s no reason to worry. Both ads certainly seem to have become a crowd favorite, and the Philips trimmer series 3000 has definitely caught the attention of the crowds. However, while the ‘leaked’ video got the audience talking, is it worth toying with the trust consumers place in brands? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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