The world of social media is constantly changing and evolving. With new technological innovations on every platform, it’s up to everyone to stay informed and one step ahead of the changes. But naturally, life gets in the way and it’s tough to know every detail. That’s why today you are going to be put through a crash course in some of the latest social media channel updates to various big time social media platforms in 2016, and there are A LOT.


  • Facebook Live – Live streaming becomes available to everyone through Facebook Live. This feature allows users to easily live stream anything they are doing in real time with friends and family.
  • Facebook Reactions – For many years, users only had the ability to “like” a post. Now you can do so much more, like “love” and “wow” a post.
  • Messenger ChatBots – The launch of a new chatbot store will allow businesses to use bots to help manage messages on Facebook. This feature is currently in the trial run phase with several companies.
  • Group Calling Messenger Feature – You can now group call with your friends and family using Facebook Messenger.


  • Twitter Character Limit – Twitter announced changes to the traditional character limit saying that images and links would no longer be included in 140 character limit. Other changes have been implemented for replies and retweets likes handles no longer counting in character count and the inclusion of the ability to retweet your own tweets.
  • New Message Button – Now appearing below the tweet, users can utilize this button to easily share tweets in direct messages.


  • New Logo and Layout – Some of the biggest news recently, Instagram updated its logo design and did a complete makeover of the app. The new design changes are meant to put more focus on the content in the app that users have created.
  • Explore Grid Update – Following the increase in time limit for video clips, Instagram has improved the way you search and view video content on its platform.


  • How-To Pins – Pinterest introduced new “How To” pins giving creators ability to give step by step instructions with pins.
  • Featured Collections – With the sudden growth on the international stage, Pinterest launched Featured Collections, a collection of trending topics in other areas of the world like France and Germany.


  • On-Demand Geo Filters – Snapchat opened up the submission process for users and businesses to create custom Snapchat Geo Filters.
  • Chat 2.0 – New update to Snapchat that improves its messaging capabilities with audio/video calling, 200 sendable stickers, recording capabilities, auto advancing Snapchat stories, and ability to send multiple images.
  • Snapchat Stickers Available Globally – The stickers were in a trial phase during Chat 2.0 update but are now available globally to everyone. They have also been increased from 200 stickers to 320.
  • Ecommerce Ads – Snapchat has now entered the ecommerce ad arena with Target and Lancome producing the first Snapchat Ecommerce Ads.


  • Event Pages for YouTube Gaming – Ahead of E3, YouTube launches event pages for YouTube Gaming to serve as content hubs for major video game events.
  • In-App Messaging on Mobile App – A small percentage of users are now able to try out a new feature that allows them to share videos with friends and chat about those videos inside the app.
  • 360 Degree Live Streaming Support – YouTube has increased support for 360-degree live streaming. This support also includes the addition of spatial audio for on-demand videos.


  • LinkedIn Students App – LinkedIn has launched a new app to help college grads find the right first job for them.


  • Adds GIF Post Type – You can now post GIF’s more easily with new updates to Tumblr that allow users to create GIF’s with relative ease. It is a new post type added to the list of post types that include (Link, Quote, Photo, etc.).

As you can see, the list goes on and on with new features. There are so many new features that it’s impossible to describe them all in a simple blog. But if you want to know more and stay up-to-date, subscribe to our official weekly newsletter, “Social You Should Know“. Subscribe and become an informed social media expert about everything social.

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Image Courtesy Ignite Social Media.


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