Digital Media to Play an Integral Role in Realizing the ‘Connected India’
Digital Media to Play an Integral Role in Realizing the ‘Connected India’

Driven by increased internet penetration, wireless broadband and mobile technology, consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from the traditional marketing media: television, radio, and print; to digital media for their entertainment, education, news and business needs. To add to this, the manner in which digital media was leveraged to create the brand “Gujarat” and “NaMo” has given this industry the required boost and got many marketers to take notice of this powerful medium. Further, with 4G LTE expected to hit the major metros in India in the next 12 month, Digital experts believe 2015 to bring in the next wave of growth for this industry.

Today, Digital Media marketing is complex, highly interactive, information rich and delivers a real-time connect with the customers. Be it high-level of engagement, creating loyalties, converting consumers to brand influencers, or carrying out a highly segmented-focused targeting. Undoubtedly, the ROI that Digital Media Marketing campaigns offers, if planned and integrated with traditional media, keeping the brand ethos and its overall business objective in mind, is unmatched.

As per the recent analysis[1] by Arnab Mitra, Co-founder and Director, DMTI and Managing Director, LIQVD Asia (LA), the first experiential marketing company in India on the Internet Trends in India in the year 2014,

India has the 3rd largest internet population after China and the United States and is projected to be the 2nd largest by 2015, with 330-370 million users
India is the 4th largest audience of searchers in the world as unique searchers grew by 88%
At 200+ million Internet users, India’s rural internet users show 58% y-o-y growth
We have seen 27% increase in the Indian Online Video Audience over a year
31.5 million users have watched videos on google sites (i.e. YouTube)
28% increase in Facebook visitors in the last 12 months. Further, A user at an average spends approximately 217 minutes per day on Facebook

Indian online advertising market is a 2,983+ crore market at present. This is 10% of the total ad spends. While print and other media are on the decline, the digital sector growth is on the rise with 31% growth. Targeting customers through these digital mediums has become more important than ever before. A marketing professional needs to understand all aspects of marketing and hence digital marketing has become an important part of a brand campaign and can no longer work in silos or be ignored.

Playing an important role in training and nurturing the best Digital Marketers of tomorrow, today, Rashmi Putcha, CEO, DMTI, says, “India will have 1.5 Lakhs digital professionals manning the industry by 2016. Today, I see traditional media professionals with years of experience grappling to understand the emerging medium and failing to catch up. On the other hand, aspirants seeking jobs in this lucrative and booming industry are ill-equipped, due to the lack of organized and focused training. Digital Media encompasses various functions like marketing, consultancy, PR, content creation, social media, mobile, innovation or technology. All these fields are wide open to be explored. The wide range of skillsets and positions within Digital Media also makes it a promising field for job opportunities. I personally am very excited for the future of this industry and happy to play a small role in shaping the future young talent or giving a new road map to the experienced and making them industry ready.”


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