Decoding the Marketing Mix: Journey of mGage to Karix

To mark their evolution from mobile engagements to transforming customer engagements mGage India rebranded as Karix Mobile

The go-to-guys for mobile customer engagement, that’s how newly rebranded Karix Mobile is known in the industry. Karix, as a brand, stands for the rising capabilities of the company in harnessing the power of technology to create exceptional customer experiences for their clients.

To unveil its new identity the company chalked out a cohesive 360 degree marketing strategy that included a highly visible launch at the Karix annual event. The focus was to align the new brand identity like logos, assets, website and also inform the customers of the rebranding so that there was a seamless communication across the stakeholders. The offline marketing strategy was ably supported by online strategy to create maximum impact.

Top of mind when rebranding was the intent to keep a brand name that was geography agnostic, short and catchy. ‘Keryx’, a Greek word for trusted messenger inspired the new identity of mGage.  Karix as a trusted channel for creating mobile customer engagements fits in perfectly with the brand philosophy and has catered successfully to leading businesses like HDFC Bank, Tata Motors, BookMyShow to name a few. Adding to their portfolio over the years to provide a myriad of services from SMS and Email to Voice, AI enabled Bots, BPM (Business Process Management) and Marketing Automation tools, Karix is an identity that encapsulates the company’s vibrant culture, work ethic and spirit. The marketing mix ensured that the new identity would also be representative of mCRM & Analytics evolution of the company.

“From omnichannel engagements, analytics, to marketing automation and communication services, we have transformed into the “go-to guys” for mobile customer engagements. To reflect this transformation we needed a new identity that stands for the exponentially higher value that we will be delivering to you as Karix,” Deepak Goyal, COO, Karix said.

The New Brand Identity

The creation of the new brand started with the formation of a steering committee that collaborated with the agency to shortlist a brand name based on discussion and feedback from stakeholders. Once the brand name was secured with approvals, the launch of the brand new identity was marketed through various channels, from e-Mail campaigns with a personalized message from the COO, to launching it at their annual event with celebrities Ayushmann Khurrana, and sibling singer duo Salim–Sulaiman. The event was coordinated to introduce their key customers to the new brand identity Karix. The launch campaign was extensive and each stage was meticulously planned:

1. Customer Connect

Personalized emails from the COO were sent to customers informing them of the rebranding and thanking them for their support. The email campaign was spread across the key metro cities Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram and Chennai.

2. The Marketing Blitzkrieg: The Launch

Key customers were invited for the annual event and provided with exclusive access cards, and premium hand-rolled candy from Papabubble. Deepak Goyal, COO addressed the attendees at the event, and brand promotion videos were aired on the stage and terrace areas.

Customers took part in ‘Lend a Hand’ activity that was organized by Karix as a thank you for their customers’ support. Ayushmann Khurrana and Salim–Sulaiman were guest celebrities invited for the event to regale the audience present.

3. Tying the Offline Pieces of Marketing to Online Marketing Plan

Karix launched their new website and social media pages with the new brand image and logo. The brand announced their new identity at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well.

4. Introducing the New Face

The new logo comprises dots and lines to denote creativity and connectivity, with the three bright colors of pink, purple and green. Appearing in in lowercase, Sans Serif Typeface the font was selected for a non-formal appearance.

5. Rebranded Assets that Syncs with New Brand Identity

For employees to use Karix created branded stationary, presentation templates, and a brand playbook that listed the brand usage guidelines.

While the launch of the new identity was celebrated by Karix, the brand custodians at the organization are clear that their identity was changing to become more global, their commitment to helping brands connect and interact with their customers favorably remained the same.


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