The life insurance sector which has had a cluttered communication dominant with tax saving messaging is gradually adopting integrated messaging to build consumer connect. Thus, the shift in messaging from life insurance being a tax saving tool to a more significant message of saving one’s family’s future creates a deeper and more meaningful impact on the viewers.

Directed by creative agency Autumn Worldwide (their CEO, Anusha Shetty was in Pluralsight’s Digi100 List), through this advertisement campaign, Exide Life Insurance aims to connect with their end customers and educate them on financial protection. It endorses premium return at the end of policy term and highlights the consumer mindset for saving money while safeguarding financial interests. While the focus on return of premium will intrigue potential customers, on a more holistic level, the campaign successfully weaves together the dual threads of new age financial planner and focus on safeguarding family’s future. Understanding the need of the customers of today, Exide Life Insurance is constantly evolving as a digital first insurance company with their digital initiatives. As a part of this digital expansion, Exide Life Insurance has brought out its brand message – ‘Lamba Saath Bharose Ki Baat’ through this digital campaign yet again. This also comes as a fine example of how the company has engaged with consumers in a meaningful manner with a unique storyline, presented by its brand ambassador.


The frequency of advertising has observed an exponential rise in recent times which makes it more difficult for advertisers to attract the target audience to the message being captured. Therefore, they are unable to break the clutter. However, in  India where the Cricket has unmatched popularity, viewers depict a sense of attentiveness when cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni have something to say. Thus, positioning him as the responsible and forward thinking husband and friend who is securing the future of his family resonates with the traits he exhibits on the pitch.


The first advert brings to life a simple exchange between a married couple. While the husband informs the wife of his 1 crore term plan investment, she appears concerned, expecting an exorbitant premium amount. Almost as he had foreseen his wife’s reaction, the husband immediately puts her mind at ease by reassuring her of Exide Life Insurance’s premium return clause at the end of the policy term and financial security for the family during the course of the policy term. In the second video of this series, he plays the role of a friend and confidante, explaining the benefits of a Term plan with return of premium.

The shift in communication in the life insurance sector with protection as the driving theme is visible as brands are striving to capture a unique voice for themselves. Therefore, it is imperative to arrive at a significant communication differentiator. To that end, in a sector as cluttered as insurance, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s voice reverberates with trust, commitment and stability. Therefore, depicted as the cajoling husband and the encouraging friend, Dhoni plays on the consumer mindset for saving money while safeguarding their financial interests.


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