CMO Roundtable: Content Personalization Redefining Marketing in the Digital AgeCMO Roundtable: Content Personalization Redefining Marketing in the Digital Age
CMO Roundtable: Content Personalization Redefining Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital Marketing is a long term relationship. Digital Marketing 2020 was the theme of the CMO Roundtable recently co-hosted by Paul Writer and Pluralsight in Gurgaon and the engaging discussion challenged the status quo and focused on decoding industry best practices in the sphere of digital marketing for the change makers.

The CMO Roundtable at the Leela Ambience, Gurgaon, brought together a select group of senior marketer and digital heads to discuss practices, tools, strategies/ tactics that will be relevant for digital marketing in 2020. The roundtable opened with Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer, setting the context for the discussion.

Picture: Jessie Paul moderating the CMO Roundtable, Gurgaon

Sharing her view on the future of digital marketing, Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer, said, “Our’s is a country that is home to over a 100 billionaires, but the vast majority of our billion residents have very little discretionary spend – so the cost of customer acquisition must be commensurately very low. A lesson that many e-commerce players are learning the hard way, after burning crores to acquire customers who spend Rs 850 on general e-commerce sites, with the exceptions being travel and electronics. A low-spender stays a low-spender so it is important to structure your acquisition and delivery strategy around the right mix.”
The attendees shared specific challenges, constantly faced during the organization’s digital marketing efforts.

Andy Rahden, VP Creative, Design & Engineering, Pluralsight, shared his perspective on the future of digital. He went on to describe how digital marketing is shaping the 21st-century marketing agenda and the changing world of digital.

Picture: Andy Rahden, VP Creative, Design & Engineering, Pluralsight

He shared insights comparing digital marketing today to digital marketing 2020. During his talk, on the future of digital, he said, “360-degree videos will be shared on Facebook that can be experienced with VR headsets and 75% of all mobile data traffic will be video.” Rahden shared his view, “Tackling these challenges come down to one thing: You have to acquire and develop technology talent in order to win.”

The hour long discussion had interesting insights on how digital marketing will look like in 2020. The Roundtable addressed topics like the key trends in digital, challenges that one is grappling with and how can digital heads equip themselves to lead this transformation.


The roundtable had attendees from Google, Frog Ideas, SAP, Walmart, NDTV, Oxygen Wallet, Myles Cars, Tinder and Bharti Infratel with senior titles including CEO, Director – Digital Marketing, Marketing Director, Vertical Digital Officer, Head – Marketing, Global Head Brand, Digital & Engagement Marketing, Chief Digital Officer to name a few.

Apurva Chamaria, Vice-President & Head – Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech shared the practitioner’s perspective speaking on ‘Marketing In The Digital World’.

Picture: Apurva Chamaria sharing the practitioner perspective

Chamaria noted, “Lack of Collaboration across teams is one of the biggest challenges in content marketing to scale.” He went on to talk at length on how enabling collaboration across teams helps to reduce time to market for publishing content across properties and other digital channels and are the best way to overcome some of the current digital challenges.



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