What do you do in your break time? Well, I don’t know about you but I know what thousands of shoppers resort to doing during their break time, shopping! Zansaar is India’s prominent online store catering to all home shopping needs ranging from furniture, furnishings, home décor, kitchenware, bakeware, glassware and a lot more. Today in our series of ‘Chai Break’ we had a chat with the face of Zansaar Marketing himself, Jidesh Haridas, the Head of Marketing for Zansaar.com.

What makes a good marketer?

While understanding the consumer and his / her needs are imperative, what I believe will define a good marketer in today’s day and age is an understanding of the fast changing nature of consumer touch points that technology is enabling, which has changed the way consumers interact with a brand dramatically

Things you look for when you hire people?

Motivation, domain knowledge and a willingness to learn ( & un-learn )

Your favorite destination for business trips?

Right here in Bangalore. The whole start up eco system that exists here is unlike anything I have seen anywhere in India

Your favorite book?

I am a person who reads only fiction with some of my favorite authors being Arthur Hailey, Wilbur Smith etc

3 things you would never do a meeting without?

A clear agenda, some amount of prior preparation (especially if it involves data), and a recap with clear understanding of action points

When did you decide that Marketing is what you wanted to do?

It’s been a journey of discovery for me. Marketing as a broad area of interest was set while I was at IIM Bangalore, drifted away and dabbled with corp strategy, and then decided to plunge head on into the world of ecommerce from there, which offers the maximum opportunity to marry traditional marketing with new age digital marketing

Your favorite professional you follow on Twitter?

I am just exploring that space as we speak. A professional I do follow is Avinash Kaushik ( more through his blog than twitter )

Your most memorable advertisement?

The ZooZoo ads

Do you love data or hate data?

I love data and am a strong advocate of using it more and more for marketing

What are your marketing priorities for the year 2014/2015?

• Increasing Brand awareness for Zansaar
• Investment in marketing analytics
• Increasing marketing ROI


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