What makes a good marketer?

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet here. A good marketer needs to have a mix of attributes.
First and foremost one needs to think consumer first apart from the ability to understand and segment his audience. Strong understanding of technology & digital platforms is a given with the evolving consumer behavior. I also believe that marketers need to move from product selling to storytelling and video content will play a huge role. Marketers need to collaborate not just with internal stakeholders but with external partners to add value to the consumer journey and experience. Last but most important is the ability to use automation/analytics and a strong focus on consumer/user experience.

3 things you look for when you hire people?

Great (right) attitude tops my list, ability to think big and strategic and a good team player. I think the rest falls into place when one has these three attributes.

Your favorite destination for business trips?

I am lucky as I get to travel to many interesting places but Amsterdam is my favorite destination.

Your favorite book?

The Winning Way by Anita and Harsha Bhogle. This book focusses on sports persons and how one can apply their various success stories at a workplace. Having played sport myself, I could relate and apply it in my professional work.

3 things would never do a meeting without?

A clear (specific) agenda, right stakeholders (decision makers) and a good cup of coffee.

When did you decide that Marketing is what you wanted to do?

I was clear from an early stage that Marketing was my calling. I always wanted to work in an environment where a consumer was the focus and Marketing is one space that lets you connect with consumers at the same time lets you use your creativity and communication skills.

Your most memorable advertisement that you still remember?

We had a business objective to showcase Jet Airways’ expansive network across India and how it allows travelers to explore and experience the wonders of India. At the same time, we had to engage with a new and evolving segment i.e. younger audience (Millennials).

Our research showed that typical portrayals of India were limited to few key landmarks and destinations. While India has a lot more to offer in terms destinations and experiences to different kinds of travelers, this side had not been prominently showcased.

We also had to focus on a growing segment of millennials who are open to traveling to new and non-mainstream destinations and seek experiences which are different from standard trips with fixed itineraries.

So we took the route of storytelling using video content and created a series of videos showcasing India as an experiential destination. We called it the ‘Celebrate India’ series and it worked beautifully for us. Here are some of the stories…

Celebrate India. Celebrate the Joy Of Flying.

Celebrate Diwali. Celebrate the Joy Of Flying

Celebrate Christmas. Celebrate the Joy Of Flying

Celebrate Love. Celebrate the Joy Of Flying

Do you love data or hate data?

I enjoy working with data and especially being is the digital and eCommerce space, data plays a key role in my day-to-day work. In fact I strongly believe that for any marketer to be relevant, using data and insights in their daily marketing activities will be a key differentiator.

One app that you cannot do without at work

I use the workplace app by facebook which is our internal employee engagement and collaboration tool. Jet Airways as a brand has a huge focus on social media and I need to be connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram every day as we have significant engagement on these channels. On a personal front I use theScore app to stay in touch with sporting events across the world.

What are your marketing priorities for the year 2017?

My focus this year is on marketing automation, video content generation and data driven communication apart from scaling our engagement and partnership activities.

About Belson Coutinho

Belson Coutinho is a highly accomplished marketing & eCommerce professional with over 20 years’ experience of which eighteen have been in airline management. He has managed key roles in loyalty marketing, product development and currently heads the global – marketing, digital, social, eBusiness and innovation strategy for Jet Airways.
With innovation being a key driver in all his endeavors, he has been the architect of several global strategies leveraging technology, digital and social media platforms most of which have been a first in the Indian aviation industry.
Belson is an active speaker at various Digital Marketing, Social Media, Distribution & eCommerce events and has spoken at various summits across several countries. Belson was conferred the prestigious ‘Excellence In eCommerce & Innovation in Digital Marketing Award’ at the 5th Indira International Innovation Summit. He was awarded the ’20 Best Digital Marketing Professionals Award’ by the CMO Council at the World Brand Congress. He was also listed among the 50 most influential travel and hospitality marketers across EMEA and APAC for 2016. He is a mentor and council member of various forums and business leaders groups and likes to share his domain and industry with startups and student community.


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