Name: Namrita Sehgal

Organization: Taj Group (Indian Hotels Company Limited)

Designation: Director of Internet Marketing

One book you recommend to all the marketers: The Cluetrain Manifesto changed the face of marketing. The entire social movement came out of this book which described the world of interconnectedness as we know it today. Besides this any of the Seth Godin books are a good read for any modern day marketer

One campaign that remains your all time favorite and why? Like many other people of my generation, I have grown up with the Amul campaign. This is maybe one of the few if not the only ad campaign globally that has continued with the same theme and style over the last 50 years yet managed to remain relevant and engaging. It has captured the spirit of India and showcased the many hues of the country, its people and matters close to their hearts in a very charming and witty manner

A mantra that you adhere to in your work-life: Be happy & maintain a balance

One thing that one will find on your work desk: H2O

One gadget that you cannot do without @work: my mobile

Profile: Namrita is an award winning digital and business leader with a strong track record of creating next-gen business solutions that are at the intersection of digital, brand and technology which deliver increasing revenues and profitability. She brings with her more than 15 years experience across diverse sectors including online travel, luxury & lifestyle, hospitality, automotive retail, dotcom, technology and business services.
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