Name: Lata Subramanian

Organization: Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited

Designation: Chief Marketing Officer

One book you recommend to all the marketers: – Nuts (Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business & Personal Success) by Jackie & Kevin Freiberg

One campaign that remains your all time favorite and why?: Nike’s Just Do It because the campaign captured more than the insight that people needed that push to overcome their inertia and exercise everyday – the campaign appealed to a core essence of the human spirit and glamorized grit, determination and the high of conquering new summits. I am sure many consumers interpreted the campaign as inspiring them to achieve in any arena of life and not just sports.

A mantra that you adhere to in your work-life: The work should speak for itself!

One thing that one will find on your work desk: On my desktop (that’s the desk these days), one will find a jumble of work related and personal reminder sticky notes, work-in-progress files and digging a little deeper into my iPad, The Economist, fiction and non-fiction books on my Kindle, photo albums of people I care about and music!

One gadget that you cannot do without @work: The only gadget I cannot do without honestly is my God given brains:). That apart, I do love the ability to work remote and so, yes my laptop (working on small screen gadgets is something I try and avoid).

Profile: An Economics graduate, Lata has over 33 years of work experience across a range of service related industries such as Hospitality, Civil Aviation, Advertising and Publishing. She has, in her long career, worked with companies such as Jet Airways, East India Hotels, Lintas (now Lowe) and Trikaya (now Grey). In her over three decades of working experience, Lata has scripted the conceptualization and execution of several successes. Lata is known for her prowess in business development, having added several large accounts such as Sony Entertainment Television, Bayer, Max Touch, SmithKline Beecham, Siemens amongst others to her portfolio when she was in Advertising. Lata is a voracious reader and loves to write when time affords.


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