In this segment of ‘Beyond Pink’, we talk to Khyati Shah, SVP, Marketing & Corporate Communication, YES BANK Ltd where she is spearheading all “Digital Marketing” initiatives for the Bank. Various innovative strategies/ideas conceptualized by her were adopted and has changed the outlook of Digital Medium for YESBANK from being a information broadcasting medium to full-fledged acquisition & revenue generation channel, across all products/segments.

One thing that one will find on your work desk.

‘Cheetah’ – official mascot of YES BANK orchestrates the evolution of YES BANK as the ‘Professionals Bank of India’. The hand crafted Cheetah figurine epitomizes the unwavering spirit of Speed, Institutional Agility and Urgency in Execution which are the driving factors for everything YES BANK achieves. This Cheetah occupies the most prominent place in my office desks and serves as a constant reminder towards the importance of Organizational Agility and Execution.

Your everyday guide to stay fit & healthy.

Regular exercise and meditation are important for physical and mental health of any individual. Being physically active can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age. Regular physical activity over long periods of time can produce long-term health benefits. Another important factor to stay healthy is to choose healthy food. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps you feel fitter, look better and improves concentrate at work.

stay fit & healthy

What is your power dressing mantra?

‘Simplicity is Sophistication’ is my power dressing mantra. I do believe it is important to wear the best, look the best regardless of your position. I believe attire reflects attitude – simple yet classy dressing is required. Simple pastel colors, with minimalistic make-up will helps you look sharp and will always be looked up to by colleagues. We at YES BANK do believe a smart professional having the right, positive attitude and appearance, catches the public eye and is the best ambassador for an efficiently run organization. As a YES BANK’er it is important to be an embodiment of the ‘YES PERSONALITY’. YES PERSONALITY has three key attributes, namely: Grooming, Attitude & Wellness.

One gadget that you cannot do without @work

My IPhone. Can’t imagine a day without it. It helps me check my emails between meetings, stay connected with colleagues, video chat, what’s app and more.

Essentials for a business meeting

  • Your thinking has a direct bearing on your performance. Positive thinking will let you use your ability and experience to the maximum. The words we use make a dramatic difference in forming the right attitude.
  • Attitudes cannot be shaped by rules and regulations but by a healthy balance between body, mind and soul.
  • ‘Looking good is feeling good’, which in turn leads to better performance. Good posture enhances your personality.


Khyati Shah, SVP, Marketing & Corporate Communication, YES BANK Ltd. She is a Management Graduate with over 10 years of work experience in some of the leading banks of the country like YES BANK, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. She is responsible for ideating, conceptualizing & executing various digital initiatives for YES BANK. She has also launched various innovative campaigns on social media making YES BANK is the “Most Followed Indian Bank on Twitter” & “Fastest growing Bank on Facebook”. She has also been accolades with awards like

1. “Best Digital Marketing Professional” at Mobbys Awards 2013
2. “Innovator in Banking – Digital” at Women Leadership and Innovation Awards 2014
3. 5 Year Institutional Excellence Pin – YES BANK



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