What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

A ‘Hot’ brand is one which can deliver quality, promise and outcomes with the right attitude, the opportune time and the most optimal cost, thereby leading to customer loyalty and advocacy. It is important to be relevant and add value to the consumer’s life each day. I truly believe a ‘hot’ brand improves the way of life for the consumer with every interaction and elevates/ reinvents itself to stay relevant to the fast emerging needs of todays consumer.


Ways in which you connect with the new age customers?

The best way to connect with your customers is to talk to them through media that they are conversant with in a language that they are comfortable with and further in an environment where they would be receptive to the content you wish to share with them. New age customers are very smart, tech savvy and they have a lingo of their own. They also value their time and attention. We therefore try to reach out to them through new age media in a lingo which is contemporary yet maintains a tone of formality, which is also a function of the category in which we operate in. We also like to keep our messaging crisp and highlight the key points of our communication so that our communication doesn’t seem like a waste of time to our clients. We therefore really take pride in high engagement on social media platforms and high open and click rates on our e-mail communication.

Has the Indian consumer changed the way they consume?

Consumers are more aware about their rights and the choices that they have, they are as rational as they are emotional yet they also get caught in the fads of the day. Above all they are far more informed and access to information would only increase. Hence the consumer has become very demanding and their loyalty to a brand also depends on the brand consistently keeping their promise and appeal towards their customers.


What makes Mumbai a unique brand?

A strong will with a never say die attitude, diversity of population, yet an indigenous culture of the very place makes Mumbai a truly unique city. It offers business, glamour, independence and opportunities to people across all walks of life. Mumbai is a city for the aspiring and for those who have achieved. It is a way of LIFE.


Rajat Mehta is the President & Country Head- Brand & Retail Marketing at YES BANK, one of India’s largest private sector bank. In his leadership role at YES BANK, Rajat is responsible for Marketing & Communications of the Retail and SME businesses, across over 700 branches in India as well as International operations for the bank. He also manages Product Marketing across all Liabilities, Assets, NRI, Cards, Third Party and Direct Banking product portfolios.

Rajat is also responsible for the YES BANK mother brand, including all brand initiatives across Television, Print, Outdoor and Events. He also manages the Central Sponsorship of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and leads a very robust Online Marketing practice, spearheading YES BANK’s Digital and Social Marketing initiatives for brand and business generation, where YES BANK enjoys a leadership position in India.


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