Google Duo

With over 500 million downloads, Google Duo advertisement seems to have become more popular over the past few months. Their ad campaign #LetsDuoIt that seemed to focus on how distance doesn’t need to be a barrier that stops you from experiencing moments was well-received. Recently, Google released three adverts for their campaign #BeThere which seem to serve as a sequel to the #LetsDuoIt advertisement.

Say Aah

This heartwarming advert that features the struggles of young parents when it comes to feeding their child, highlights one of the primary features of Duo. The clarity of the video call that makes it seem like there is no screen in between is a shout-out to the 720p high definition feature of the video-calling app.

Sahi Bolo

Haggling with the vegetable vendor is a routine for market day. Not everyone was made for it though. The mother chastising the vendor for taking advantage of her son’s ignorance, and then softening her voice to talk to her son allows the ad to capture the feelings of both homesickness and growing up.


Humorous in its narrative, this ad feature a young couple and the sometimes ridiculous decisions partners can make. The girl is clearly trekking somewhere and yet has the network for a high-resolution call. This seems to hint at the app’s option for optimization for low bandwidth frequency.

#BeThere is simple in its message, highlighting how the app allows users to be there with their loved ones and experience moments from wherever they are. By removing the screen from the ad and only bringing it in later, the campaign has effectively advertised the prime features of Google Duo.



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