Best ways to increase website engagement through User-Generated Content

We know the main concern for you is to increase website engagement. Once people start engaging with your website, all the other aspects will automatically fall in place. 

The problem that arises is what you can do to increase website engagement? We have a solution for you: User-Generated Content (UGC).

Yes, UGC can solve your problem of website engagement, and it is a very beneficial and cost-effective solution. You can know more about it in the article below.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-Generated Content is the content created and posted on social media in favor of a brand by its users without any monetary transaction. The content can be in any form such as images, videos, blogs, GIFs, and everything in between. 

With the increasing popularity of social media, User-Generated Content is also gaining momentum. The speed of the demand for UGC is continuously increasing, and the day is not far when UGC will be used in every aspect of marketing. 

How you can use UGC for increasing your website engagement:

1. Bring life to your website

You can integrate UGC to your website’s home page. It will not only bring you more engagement but bring life to your site. UGC is captured and posted from different parts of the world, and all users have different approaches to your products, therefore every content contributed will be unique. 

The diversity of the content will increase your website’s vibrancy and give your website a dynamic look every time a user visits. 

2. Visual Assistance in Decision Making

Online shopping is growing every day, but the biggest drawback of online shopping is that users can not try or touch the products before making the purchase. 

We know that this problem can not be completely solved, but you can provide your customers with visual assistance for their decision making. You can use UGC for displaying how your existing users are using the product and how it looks and works in real-life. 

Will make it easier for new users to decide and make a purchase. It will also build trust among them when they see other users enjoying the products already.

3. Social Proof

When consumers think of shopping online, it is difficult for them to trust all brands and websites for their money and products. If you display UGC on your website, it will act as the social proof of the fact that your existing users are pleased and satisfied with your products that they even posted about it on their social media handles. 

This way you gain trust as well as boost your conversions. It will also help you with the brand image, brand value, and marketing of your brand.

4. Gamification

Who is not interested in free gifts and contests? Noone would mind participating in contests where all they have to do it send an image or video. 

You can organize gamification such as contests, giveaways or sweepstakes, questionnaires to engage your users. This way your users are engaged and you also get to gather UGC for your brand.

UGC will attract not only your existing users but also new users through word-of-mouth and social media. You can do a lot with gamification according to your ideas and ability to engage users. 

5. Leverage User’s Creative Minds

Just like gamification, recognition is also a huge motivation factor for users. Many users will be sending and posting content with a lot of creativity and thought into their posts. If you go ahead and display their content on your website, they will feel honored and motivated to send in more content. This will also motivate other users to send in content with a more creative and attractive approach to their content. 

6. Social Wall

A social wall is one of the best ways to utilize your UGC for your website. You can create a social wall that will consist of all the UGC created and posted by your users from all social media platforms. You can go ahead and embed that wall on your website. This will not only enhance your website’s look and feel but also help you increase website engagement.

It will be easier for people to connect to that content as it will be coming from other users only. Studies show that walls with UGC have a 5 times higher click-through rate than regular walls. You can also add announcements, highlights, advertisements to the wall for your website visitors. 

7. Build Community

Users love to have a personal experience with their favorite brands and other users. You can build a community for the brand and help enhance the user-brand relationship. People can share different approaches to your products and learn from each other. It can also help them communicate and create links. This will give your users a personalized experience they have always wished for. 

You can use this platform to collect feedback and improve their experience accordingly. Your users will trust the brand more and eventually create a loyal customer base. It will also help you boost your conversion rate. 


User-Generated Content is a powerful and effective way to engage users with your website. It can help you many other aspects such as trust-building, boosting sales, and many more. 

Many luxury brands have started using UGC for their marketing, and now it is your turn to go ahead and integrate UGC with your brand for better user experience and an excellent user-brand relationship.


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