In your own words how do you describe a ‘hot’ brand?

A hot brand is an asset developed by the manufacturer keeping the end consumer in mind. This can be different for different products for eg. Selling a mass movie to a class movie, though both are movies the audiences are different. Therefore, one has to study the psychology of the given audience by trying to be successful in creating a successful brand.

What can be few steps taken by brand owners to keep their brand stay top in their customer’s mind?

Stay honest about what you are offering. Value the judgement of your consumer. Respect his ability to spend on your product.

How do you suggest that one can maintain a balance between planning for the future of your brand and investing for today?

Difficult question to answer. This depends on how long you as a owner wish to win the brand and financial resources at your disposal.

Coming to your brand, can you tell how you cultivate customer loyalty or talk about creating enhanced customer experience?

As far as Amrut Single Malt Whiskies, we try to keep things simple in correctly explaining the product and making it simple to understand to the audience you are speaking to and allowing them to taste and compare similar products, we just do not see only Amrut Single Malt. We try to educate the aspects of malt whiskies around the world and how Amrut is different in some of its own Indian characteristics.

Personally what are your favorite brands and why?

If you are talking about malt whiskies, among scotch malts there are many to choose from. Among Islay’s Lagavulin 18 year stands out. New world whiskies are offering varieties starting from all perfect Japanese to highly complex Amrut range from India – with Amrut Fusion and Greedy Angels being intricately complex.

Any brand experience that wowed you?

Every brand like a human being is an experiment by itself. Nobody intentionally make a bad brand just that they are target specific. It is just that some turn out better marketing successes than others. Honestly it is like a marriage between the consumer and the brand. You never know the success unless you have tried-albeit the fact both try their very best to know each other before they tie the holy knot.

Profile: Neelakanta Rao Jagdale is the Chairman & Managing Director of Amrut Distilleries Limited forming part of Rs 220 Crores N.R. Jagdale Group of Companies. Besides premium liquor products, the Group has also diversified into sports nutrition products and sports infrastructure building more particularly in building institutional pools. As a second generation industrialist, post his graduation in Science, Mr Jagdale has been at the helm of affairs of various divisions of Jagdale Group, more particularly Amrut Distilleries Limited and has professional experience of about 42 years. Recently, the company entered global distinction when Amrut Fusion was rated as the third finest Malt Whisky of the World by leading whisky writer Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible 2010.

The BBMP, in recognition of Mr Jagdale services to the State and for the successful running of public facility at the Corporation Swimming Pool, Basavanagudi for more than 2 decades conferred him the prestigious Kempegowda Award in the year 2007. He is also a recipient of Dasara Award instituted by the Govt. of Karnataka for his sporting contributions.



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