Bhartiya City might just be one of the top 50 Bangalore brands! Spread across 125 acres of land, Bhartiya City in the fastest growing region of North Bangalore. It boasts of its own residential and commercial districts which includes IT parks, hotels, shopping and entertainment districts, schools and hospital, all perfectly woven under a well-articulated master plan. Paul Writer had a little chat with Jatin Patel, Head, Strategic Initiatives, Bhartiya City Group.

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Can you describe your brand in three words?

Bold. Fun. Intelligent.

One interesting fact about the brand?

Design Innovation. Our mission is to create happiness through innovative design.

Name a memorable marketing campaign of your brand?

The launch ad – “This Is A City” – which shifted the focus from square feet to the quality of life. A first for any property brand in India.

What makes your brand hot?

We believe in making innovative products and breaking conventions. This differentiates us from the typical, narrow mindset of property brands. Bhartiya City has much more to offer than just its buildings.

Three things that you look for when you hire people?

We’re looking for people who have an unusual blend of passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We hire people for who they are and who they will be.

One thing you love about Bangalore?

The weather – it’s the only naturally air-conditioned city in the world!

Plans for 2014?

We’re launching the Leela Residences, a set of 144 apartments that are beautifully designed and backed by the best in Indian hospitality.


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