Rajiv Srivatsa

COO and Co-founder

Urban Ladder

What are your four most frequently used apps?

About 80% of my time on mobile goes on various apps. While I feel the need to have each of them for different reasons, the top four preferably would be:

  • Gmail: It goes without saying that I need to be connected to my work with easy access and well, Gmail does just that for me!
  • Wunderlist: is one of my latest dependencies. It’s easy, smart and such a boon to ensure things are getting done! I also tend to use it to capture ideas that pop up between various conversations around me!
  • Pocket: I just can’t do without reading every day, so every time I find something interesting I save it on Pocket. This way, there is always something to read!
  • Urban Ladder: With a constant need to innovate with technology, Urban Ladder is definitely among the top four most popular apps that I use.

 A new app you would highly recommend?

Product Hunt is one of my personal favourites. It’s the best way to discover your next  favourite product in tech. It is a great app, connecting users helping them share and discover new products from across the Globe.

How do you evaluate an app before downloading it?

I browse through the featured items on the play store, check the rating of the app and read a few reviews for a sense of the pros and cons. If I am still confused, I get a perspective from my tech team at office, through Slack. Product hunt is another important tool that prompts me to action on an app or not.

An app that you envision would be useful in the future? 

Medium is a promising app. It has the potential to become the newspaper of the future, on mobile. It comes with the right mix of content, rich media engagement with the perfect blend of data analytics, which will make it a good personalized mobile visual newspaper of the future.


Rajiv co-founded Urban Ladder with Ashish Goel in July 2012 with the vision of making a million Indian homes beautiful. Today, Urban Ladder is India’s leading online furniture and home décor destination, and a preferred choice for shoppers looking for world class designs and exceptional customer service.

After his graduation from IIT (Madras) and MBA from IIM (Bangalore), Rajiv joined Cognizant Technology Solutions where he worked in the Business Analysis and Consulting teams for over 4 years. He then went on to serve as Senior Product Manager with Yahoo Emerging Markets for over 4 years where he focused on consumer facing cutting-edge online and mobile products in the emerging markets including India, Latin America, South East Asia and Middle East.


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