All Out, a pest control brand of SC Johnson & Son, recently released a new ad that has been the talk of the town. Wondering why? Read on to know!

All Out’s ad portrays a traditional joint family dinner scene, where the younger women (daughter-in-laws) are serving food to the rest of the family. We see a young boy moping and as soon as his mother places his plate of food in front of him, he angrily pushes it away. Everyone’s attention is now on the boy and his mother. Once more, the mother places the plate in front of him and he again pushes it away. She then takes it away and continues to serve the rest of the family. At this point, one of the older women (possibly the mother-in-law) starts to reprimand her and we are given an insight as to what happened. The little boy took money, mind you only ten rupees, from his mother’s purse. Some of the others join in on scolding the mother, saying things like “What has he done that you’re denying him his food?”, the common question “Didn’t your mother teach you anything?” and “He has taken my money, not your father’s.” said by a man who is presumably the boy’s father and the woman’s husband. We can sense the woman is uncomfortable and hurt by what is happening. It is then the head of the family, her father-in-law presumably, speaks, “The boy has not taken ten rupees, he has stolen it. And if today’s he’s stealing, who knows what he’ll do tomorrow?” The fact that he is standing in support of the young mother, being someone who is clearly respected, is what makes all the difference. If children are not shown what is right and what is wrong, and the consequences of wrongdoing then they will carry forward those failings into their adulthood.

Towards the end of the ad we see the mother and son exchanging affection and displayed on the screen is All Out’s tagline “It’s good to be tough.”

Simi Sabhaney of Dentsu had this to say about the new All Out ad:

When she heaved a sigh of relief, I did too! Being a mom is a tough job. To stand by what you believe is right; to be firm despite all odds, is a part and parcel of being a mom.

The joint family setting was absolutely perfect to highlight the gravity of the situation and thus the courage required for a mother to do what she thinks is right for her child.

Being tough is just another shade of love… love for your child, love for the adult he is going to grow into, love for the entire generation of which he is going to be a significant part. In her endeavor to raise a responsible child, it is absolutely imperative that she receives support from every quarter. And in this case the support came from the undisputed head of the family.

I am particularly partial towards this ad, since I was raised in a joint family by a mother who did not believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the child. She did this with complete dignity and firm demeanor and my grandfather respected her immensely.

I found the ad extremely real.

Once the child is made to understand that what he had done was wrong and unacceptable, she ends it with her gentle touch. That’s a mother. That’s a steel magnolia!

Paul Writer’s Take:

Parenting can prove to be challenging since you are quite literally shaping the future through your parenting skills, which means, there’s not much room for error. When you don’t receive support from your friends and family it only gets harder. While it can be said that the line between reprimanding and verbally abusing the child is thin, it is clear that the woman in this ad is on the right side of history.


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