Three more days for Women’s Day so here’s another one from our ‘Beyond Pink’ segment. We thought it’d be interesting to hear what some of the women in the marketing field have to say about recent social movements like #MeToo. The #MeToo movement has been all over the media and has created quite a buzz. In this segment of ‘Beyond Pink’, we talk to Rachna Prasad, Chief Business Officer, Oxigen Online Services in an attempt to find out the impact of the movement in the marketing world.

1. How is the #MeToo movement impacting the brands and the future of advertising?

The #MeToo campaign brought the power of Social Media up onto our faces like never before. It is believed that within 24 hours 4.7 million people had come on the social media platform to join the #MeToo conversation. Virality was never new to this medium, but the magnanimity of it was perhaps experienced for the first time.

Additionally, it brought together the famous, the un-famous, the strong, the meek, shy and bold all together unified for one cause, building a community  of comrades against sexual harassment. The social media platform became a tool of social change like never before.

2. Has the  #MeToo movement in any way changed how you view things at your workplace or any changes in policies or workshops on awareness?

For sure, it has made us introspect and realize that the definition of sexual abuse at work place is more than what meets the eye; there are no gender stereotypes on this one….the abuse can come from a man or a woman to anyone from the most unexpected quarters… e.g, attributing professional success in a woman to “extra favors” that she may have given… it’s common water-cooler conversation and can come from a woman too… that too qualifies as abuse.

On the down side, it has made some men cautious of employing women as they could mean “possible trouble” (many male counterparts confessed). Having said that this voice of change is powerful enough to quell any misgivings the naysayers may have.

3. Has there been any other social cause or movement or maybe even a protest that created waves in your field?

The latest one on Menstruation & use of sanitary napkins is another good one, with some help from PADMAN… I am glad this topic is out of the closet and part of dining room conversations. For all these years, the ads on sanitary napkins with a woman wearing white trousers confidently “even on those days” did nothing to break the taboo on this subject.

4. What advice would you give to young women who have just started their careers?

There is no man or woman, we are just professionals… That’s all you need to carry to work!

5. What is your personal opinion about #MeToo?

Impactful, powerful and relatable!


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