Women’s day is almost upon us and here is the next piece from our ‘Beyond Pink’ segment! We thought it’d be interesting to hear what some of the women in the marketing field have to say about recent social movements like #MeToo. The #MeToo movement has been all over social media and has created quite a buzz. In this segment of ‘Beyond Pink’, we talk to Sakshi Vij, Founder and CEO at Myles in an attempt to find out the impact of the #MeToo movement in the marketing world.

1. How is the #MeToo movement impacting the brands and the future of advertising?

I think the most important impact of the #MeToo movement has been the beginning of an open discussion about harassment. What’s important is its impact on the future of advertising, demanding a responsible approach to advertising. Brands that have reach are shaping behavior. I would love to see kids being scared of their dads when they come back home with dirty clothes in detergent ads.

2. Has the #MeToo movement in any way changed how you view things at your workplace or any changes in policies or workshops on awareness?

We have always been an industry that has struggled with gender ratio. The movement has come at a time when we are seeing marginal changes in the ratios towards equality. We have recently planned for Self Defense training for the women at work.

3. Has there been any other social cause or movement or maybe even a protest that created waves in your field?

We have closely looked at the cause of increase in female drivers. It pains me to see the subconscious bias around “women are bad drivers”. The women drivers in MYLES form about 25% of our users. However, this 25% has the least number of accidents and negligence in driving in proportion to the men.

4. What advice would you give to young women who have just started their careers?

I believe the women starting today are more equipped with tools to take care of themselves.(Apps, forums, workshops) The one advice I would give any women today would be to speak up if they find themselves uncomfortable in any work situation beyond the boundaries of actual job responsibilities.

5. What is your personal opinion about #MeToo?

Conversation is always the key to remove stigma and generate awareness. The sheer number of women who came out and spoke about harassment had made sure that we are today able to talk about harassment openly. I also see men, who may not have been as aware of what women go through on a daily basis, being more responsible and supportive of the movement. I see this as a sign of progress.


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