Are you an authority?

The recent skirmishes between India and Pakistan have pitted WhatsApp as a source of information against the mainline media. Increasingly I am seeing requests on WhatsApp group to state the source, in other words they are seeking credibility or authority. It’s a sign of maturity and good news for those who have built their brands on accuracy and authenticity.

Authority is important for brands too. Recently Cognizant has been fined for corrupt practices in India. It is a sign of how healthy their brand is that this has been swallowed with barely a blip. Similarly Maggi and Cadbury’s have recovered from temporary setbacks because trust in their brands is so strong. They are seen as experts. Is your brand seen as an expert?

And what about you? Are you an authority on a topic? Authority is what makes a grandmother from a small village succeed as a food blogger – her recipes work. Or a random kid on the internet become the snake-person – you can see her live with her snakes. As everyone has the tools to publish the ability to get eyeballs gets harder – there are demands that you have the necessary credibility on a topic. And this requires planning and investment of time and often money.

You may have missed our announcement on Paul Writer Impact Network last week. It’s important enough (to me!) for me to put it here again. We have four pillars on which we help transform the buyer journey – growth strategy, authority marketing, content domination and account based marketing. Ping me to know more.

Returning to the war clouds, it reminds us how important it is to be self-sufficient in critical areas – food, water, defence and technology. Yes, technology to a large extent now determines your success in the other three.  And I for one will be happy when the bots prevent the need for lives to be lost in conflict.


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