29th September is an important day for coffee lovers. It is National Coffee Day, a perfect time to express one’s love for coffee and take their caffi-nity a few notches higher. What can be better than celebrating this uber-special time with the café culture pioneer, Café Coffee Day (CCD). With creative activities such as tulip latte art on a frothy cup of cappuccino and in-cafe stories of coffee lovers, there’s truly lots happening over coffee from September 29th to October 1st 2016.

Café lovers know how with CCD came along a whole new paradigm called “lets meet for coffee.” Some called it a coffee revolution. For CCD it was a humble expression of love for coffee that spread like a wave. CCD has earned its place as the front runner in the coffee space, by always making special occasions extra-special and memorable. And so in this coffee-licious week, here’s what is brewing at CCD outlets from September 29th to October 1st 2016.

Artistic detailing takes centre stage this National Coffee Day. Every table ordering a cappuccino will witness an added touch of tulip latte art. What is extraordinary is the thought behind the art that will bring to life the relation between coffee aficionados, coffee plantations and coffee farmers across the country.

The focus this time is on the coffee lovers as much as it is on coffee. CCD will engage some coffee lovers like never before and celebrate their love for coffee by bringing out their coffee stories through pictures taken at CCD outlets. Throughout the week of National Coffee Day, CCD will capture candid moments of consumers enjoying at a café and their coffee stories. Towards the end of September, about 15 of these pictures will be shared on CCD’s social media pages. For the first time, CCD patrons will be involved in visuals that will be leveraged on CCD’s social media channels and will reach millions of coffee loving hearts out there.

All through the week, CCD’s eternal coffee concoctions will continue to be under a spotlight. Coffee lovers know how moments and stories unfold over a Cappuccino that is Italian in inspiration and Indian at heart. National Coffee Day is just the occasion to savour CCD’s signature beverage Kaapi Nirvana – a prize winner at the WBC in Norway! Its subtle Caribbean flavours topped with whipped cream and chocolate vermicelli appeal every discerning coffee palate.  Devil’s Own, CCD’s cafe frappe loaded with chocolate and whipped cream is best at being wicked and sinful from the word go.

At the CCD Square, National Coffee Day celebrations reach a crescendo with its Dark Citrus Burst,a perfect tinge of sweet, citrus and minty flavours in rich black coffee. For those who like a salty nuttiness to their coffee, Peanut Butter Brew is a must try. The tangy lemon rind and zesty green chilies in Espresso on Fire makes it a carnival on the rocks. And experiment with Citrus Black, a shot of espresso with a citrusy spin and enjoy the undercurrent of lemon and minty flavors.

Along with coffee in its many forms, what’s brewing at CCD is a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm to make this National Coffee Day and week, every bit brew-worthy and memorable.



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