Following the Brexit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan on 18 July 2016, launched an innovative campaign to showcase the unity and the openness of London for businesses and for the world community at large.

He aptly named the campaign #LondonIsOpen

#LondonIsOpen kicked off with a film first broadcast at Stevie Wonder’s London Hyde Park concert to a 65,000-strong crowd. Here are few videos (links below) that have been created to digitally spread the message of London being open to the world.

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The Mayor also invited artists and all creatives to interpret the #LondonIsOpen theme in their own way, to spread the message to the world.

And one creative company that really caught my eye with their interpretation of #LondonIsOpen campaign is BBH London. They have made variations of the famous London Tube map, that almost everyone who has once visited London is familiar with, and superimposed the map with three things – Second Language being spoken, Startup Ventures and number of LGBT venues nearby at each stop. Explore the complete map here –


A brilliantly designed campaign which immediately builds a connection with anybody who has been to London (or even not). The viewer at a glance can see the diversity present in London, which immediately provides a level of comfort to people travelling to London for the first time. Also by providing the list of startups, not only they are helping current startups reach out to a larger audience but at the same time, they showcase London as a business friendly country and encourages other people to chose London for their entrepreneurial ventures. And the number of venues for LGBT community provides a great sense of inclusiveness.

In a nutshell, the campaign has used something which is ubiquitous in the lives of people living in (or travelling to) London and reinforced it with a completely new meaning. #LondonIsOpen

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