Subhrangshu Neogi, Director – Group Marketing & Brand – Religare Enterprises
Arvinder Gujral, Director Business Development APAC – Twitter
Moderator: Madhavan Narayan, Media Thinker – Hindustan Times
Sandeep Aurora – Director, Marketing & Market Development – Intel South Asia
Jaideep Gokhale, Director Marketing Communications South Asia, East Asia & Oceania – Tetra Pak

What makes a brand Hot?

Main points of discussion:

How do you see brands in real time world as it is always on now?
Brands being build to last is a paradox in itself today! Brands are not built to last today, what you build today, might get destroyed tomorrow or you have to self destroy it because you need to be contextually relevant and keep reinventing your self. For example cricket, everyone would have thought that cricket is a five day game and that is it how it is going to be but look at it today!!Likewise it is for Brands.
Today if you look at any brands, what you have created today is not relevant tomorrow or not even relevant in couple of hours. The idea is how to you keep reinventing yourself? How do you keep responding to changes in the environment? How do you adapt yourself to changing dynamic?

How are the things from Brand perspective?
From a brand point of view, to keep an eye on what could come up or develop or emerge out in this fast changing environment (specially with regulatory environment coupled with social activism) is becoming more and more difficult to maintain high quality & consistency. Therefore all these play an enormous burden back on brands. As a company, Tetra Pak is concerned with food & packaging. The two put together very much means that it is very much visible in public eye and even more so when you have finished the content of the pack & you throw the pack, which means it is useless & is termed as “waste”. What we are trying to do is we work through the life cycle of carton, to make sure everything from procuring the right material to making sure we reduce the foot print to the end of life, which means we ensure that packaging is recyclable & is recycled. That is where the act of responsibility as a company comes in.

How to we build loyalty and continue the association for brand keeping the long term mind?
Trust in Brand has to be paramount. From Intel’s standpoint, when we talk about education and science, one of the fundamental thing we worry about & care about is “Innovation”. When we look at innovation , we believe that the world & human race will not progress if innovation doesn’t happen & at some stage we start to worry about no. of children opting from science & maths as an education stream. We want healthy percentage of students to have interest in science & maths, we really care about it. In that case our association with math & science education, science & engineering fair which is termed as Junior Nobel Price, getting teaches trained for technology usage and we have been doing that for more than 10 years now because we know if teaches don’t become comfortable using technology, they will not feel comfortable teaching technology. So as a brand because you are talking not just to consumers, you have to talk to scientists also, talk to influences & it is way to tell to world that we worry about science & we are concerned that science should prosper. When the same message a scientists takes & they form a positive opinion about Intel as a brand, same message consumer also takes that if Intel is brand which worries about innovation & science, then it is a “Innovative Brand” and the products which come out of our factory are innovative products, they can relay on this.

Twitter as a platform is little different from other social platforms available. It is live, public and conversational. We ourself as a brand is naked. Everyday there are conversations on our brands which some government don’t want to happen & we resist that. We don’t want to be moderator of conversations globally. Our platform is there for freedom of speech, there are government around the world which us to take down certain things and certain companies have complied but we haven’t. So we pride ourself for the platform we have created. These platforms reach on real time conversations. Radical shift is happening of brands & marketing is real time. If you are going to be hierarchical approach of communication that existed in every company, if you follow that policy today, you miss out on that conversations today. These conversations could have positive imapact on your brand or negative impact on your brand.


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