Coral Turner shares with The Next Women her experiences in developing a shiny new website for her brand.

Hello and thank you to all those ladies and gentlemen who I have met through workshops, networking, and who have talked to me about the articles I have written for The Next Women. It’s wonderful to know that in sharing my highs, and challenges, ‘we are not alone!’ In addition, networking is another great way to expand your circle of contacts, and create collaborations along the way.

Is the thought of having to build your website all over again a sure sign that you failed first time round? Or is it that you’ve taken your business and website in its current form as far as you can, and it needs a new beginning?

If ever you have reached a point in your business and you feel it’s just not working, then maybe it’s time to stop looking at the problem, and ‘focus’ on the solution.

I have gone through all manner of changes with my original website; paid a small fortune to get my website up and running, and the past couple of years it has been constantly upgraded, and whilst it was getting better, I still felt it was not quite hitting the mark. Part of the ‘problem’ was that I was wedded to what I had originally paid to have the website built. Plus with the new photography for the dresses, this sharper imagery didn’t sit comfortably with the old website. But the thought of starting again, building a new website ……!

It was at this point that I just decided to stop; I stopped trying to figure out ‘how to make my website look better’ to ‘how I wanted my website to look’.

And therein lay the answer, ‘how did I want things to be’ it’s a solution that can be used across the board – how do you want things to be? Now I am not talking about going off into the world of Narnia, more feet firmly planted in the terra firma with imagination that you can make your reality.

In order to start from scratch, I researched by looking at different websites, a new platform for the online boutique, added to this would be learning from the experiences of others, what did and didn’t work for them.

Was it daunting? No. I found it to be quite exciting actually, ‘starting over’ has nothing to do with failure but everything to do with success, which is something we as entrepreneurs need to embrace, that in order to grow you have to keep on moving forward and not be afraid of change, but welcome it.

When I viewed the new home page on the website going live, I just knew that was it, the online boutique I had been visualising but not articulating, and it felt great. Do let me know what you think of the new website. You can email me on [email protected].

To your continuous success and new beginnings…

Coral Turner is a fashion entrepreneur with an online boutique // In addition to her design work she also writes articles in relation to empowering self image and confidence through the clothes that we wear.

Published with permission.


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