Christmas dawned with joyful moments for Mr. Jos Babu, UAE Exchange India’s Vice President and IT Head. Recovering lost valuables, be it small or big, doubles our happiness. Such a good deed was done by Mr. Jitendra Kumar, a Bengali laborer working with the Kochi Metro project. He found and returned a lost bag of Mr. Jos Babu which had diamond necklace, jewelry, and mobile phone on the eve of Christmas. Mr. Jitendra informed police when he found the bag with the valuables, and the bag was returned to its owner, Mr. Jos, by the police. The sincere act of Mr. Jitendra was greatly appreciated by the police and Mr. Jos.

With regard to the incident Managing Director Mr. V George Antony said that ‘The honesty and integrity shown by the Bengal layman helped remove the prejudice about migrant workers. Mr. Jitendra’s honest deed reinforces the famous song by Rabindranath Tagore – Ekla Chalo Re, which spreads the moral message that “if no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone”. If one is right and has the courage to tread un-walked roads, he is sure to bring changes in the society. UAE Exchange India has taken a step towards honoring such a man who made his honesty prevail over all odds, which is sure to be an inspiration to his natives as well as others.’

As a tribute, UAE Exchange India has decided to provide free Mobile Domestic Money Transfer Service for a period of one year, through which, Mr. Jitendra can send money to his house. He will also be receiving a Lenovo mobile phone. Mr. Jithendra Kumar Sharma along with his two fellow workers Mr. Manoj Sharma and Mr. Subhash will be receiving a free Personal Accident insurance policy with Mediclaim worth Rs.1lakhs from UAE Exchange, India for their earnest action which is really praiseworthy.


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