Ruchita Sharma is Head Marketing Operations at Swarovski India. She has played a key role in increasing the brand awareness of Swarovski in the past two years. She is responsible to manage all marketing, visual merchandising, product assortment recommendations, public relations, press and digital activities of the company. With her initiative the brand is considering India as a key market for 2020 with an eye to developing specific strategies and products suited to the market soon.

Ruchita is former Head of practice for Luxury and Lifestyle-Fashion and Design, a nascent luxury goods platform at FICCI. The role  aimed at decoding luxury markets within the Indian framework with luxury goods, bespoke services and fashion assuming a growing interest from Brand owners to Brand operators in India.

Name : Ruchita Sharma

Organization: Swarovski India

Designation: Marketing Operations and Communications Manager

My strength: Viewing the big picture and yet going on-ground, rolling your sleeves and being in touch with consumer trends for successful marketing implementation

Biggest challenge faced and how did I tackle it: Perception issues in Indian market on Swarovski. To tackle it we simplified our messages and clearly communicated our premium affordable jewelry positioning. We are clearly a market leader as a European brand for modern Indian woman jewelry

The big idea moment: Always look for clues within and the big will be found residing somewhere nearby

Turning point in my career: Taking on large industry roles such as Director luxury policy at FICCI, writing a book on Indian luxury with a French author and introducing him to the who’s who in Indian luxury and premium business

Mantra to succeed: Keep innovating, yet remain focused, cut the frivolous to remain centered on goals

When things fail I usually: Don’t panic and remain centered

Being a leader is: Nurturing future leaders and empowering teams

Luxury to me is: Refinement not the biggest label on you

This article has earlier appeared in the Marketing Booster magazine


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