Snapchat may just be the most powerful storytelling tool in social media today. Once a disposable photo messaging app, Snapchat’s various updates and new features helped it gain popularity and marketing potential amongst brands and celebrities. Unlike some of its competitors, Snapchat is able to add authentic value and brands are truly starting to understand its worth.Snap Statss

Channel Updates

In the last few months, Snapchat has introduced many changes that brands need to know how to leverage. A few of the most important Snapchat updates are below.

Filters and Lenses
One of the most exciting updates was when Snapchat introduced their interactive lenses, or as they said “a new way to see yourself(ie).” The app uses face recognition technology to brighten up your selfies with various animated filters. These lenses differentiate your selfies from other photo sharing apps. Not only was this an innovative addition to the platform but it also gave advertisers another option for advertising within the app with sponsored lenses.

Story Explorer
Featured Snapchat stories give insight into what’s going on in your city or different parts of the world. It gives you a different perspective on moments and events through the eyes of other users. What if you’re interested in a specific moment and want to see more of it or a different perspective? Snapchat introduced Story Explorer, which enables users to see from more than one vantage point of a moment. By swiping upward, users are able to view related snaps providing more depth to the moment.

Reply to Snapchat Story- Story Reply
Snapchat stories are an integral part of the platform. Users have the option to share their snaps with all of their followers, which are then compiled into a “story” that lasts 24 hours. In the past, if you wanted to reply to a specific photo or video within the story that was not possible. With a recent update, users are able to reply via chat to a specific snap within the story. The person that receives the chat will also be able to see a portion of a screenshot of their snap to see what the comment was in reference to.

Key Snapchat Stats

Snap Stats

Since its launch, Snapchat has grown tremendously in popularity:

  • 100 million daily active users
  • About 9,000 photos sent per second
  • Of all businesses using social media, only 2% have a dedicated Snapchat presence

If you missed our Snapinar this past summer, I recommend you watch it for other interesting statistics.

Insights & Recommendations for 2016

Connect with Users
According to Forbes, 62% of millennials are more likely to become a loyal customer if a brand interacts with them over social media. Connect with your followers via direct message or by featuring them in your story. Amazon does an amazing job interacting with their followers and having strong calls to action in their Snapchat stories. Remember, it’s not about the number of followers but rather how you communicate and engage with the followers you do have!

Capture Moments & Tell a Story
Capturing these “moments” can be very meaningful for those that love your brand. Get creative and make it intriguing so they watch the full story. Share your message in an innovative way that has your followers asking for more! Authenticity and honesty are key when telling a story.

Be Real and Authentic
The uniqueness of this platform is that Snapchat is extremely personal and everything is sent in real time: content is unedited, unfiltered and real. Forbes reported that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content. Snapchat is the perfect platform to show the fun side of your brand and find that connection with your followers.

Social Exclusives
Try testing out social exclusives, such as offers and giveaways. Use unique URLs to track the traffic from your snapchat followers. Again, Amazon is a great example of a brand that gives incentives to its followers and does weekly giveaways. This gives your followers an incentive to follow your account on snapchat and something to look forward to whenever you post a story.



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