Leading digital marketing agency Quasar developed a first of its kind digital campaign#JPJFlipographs using the simple twitter image enlarging protocol to ingrain the idea of being multifaceted. The very creative digital team of Quasar created a record by publishing the world’s first ever Flipograph on twitter for its client John Player Jeans. This unique campaign blends in beautifully with the brand’s thought which encourages the concept of being multi faceted that today’s generation is so well adept at.

The campaign featured 5 graphics – all depicting 5 different people in their usual jobs, but when you tap on the image, it turns into the person’s other side. So a banker working on his computer changes to a DJ spinning a track, a scientist studying on a microscope transforms into an explorer looking for the perfect shot from his camera, a lawyer changes to a choir conductor. Run on 31st December, 2015, the campaign instantly caught eyeballs as the Twitter verse connected with the ideas instantly.
Commenting on the campaign, Saugata Bagchi, India Head, Quasar said, “It’s seldom that a story is portrayed so beautifully with the help of technology, and this campaign is one such brilliant instance. We are happy that our creative work made an impact”
Speaking about the campaign, Atul Chand, divisional chief executive, ITC’s Lifestyle retailing business division, says, “JPJFlipographs created by the very efficient digital team at Quasar is another initiative by John Players to bring technology and fashion together in a meaningful way. The campaign beautifully integrates the brand message with digital innovation creating multi-fold conversations. John Players Jeans has been pushing the envelope to be cutting edge in terms of products portfolio as well as using newer engagement platform to connect with the youth.”

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Quasar is one of the largest full service and award-winning digital marketing brand in India offering services across the digital spectrum. Some of the brands Quasar works include Adidas, Telenor, ITC Lifestyle, Nestle, P&G, United Motors, Multi Screen Media, LIC and Adani. Quasar runs the Social Media Command centre for MSM, one of the first by a broadcasting company in India.




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