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I was just talking to Nattu Alagappan of Lead Walnut (part of the Paul Writer Impact Network focusing on ABM) on how rare it is that everything actually works without a hitch. The perfect user experience is rare especially when it is omni-channel.

But I recently enjoyed such an experience – there was a very informative website which walked me through the process, an easy digital interface, and the option to have SMS alerts and access to a ‘lounge’. Sure the extra options were at an additional price – but my marketing mind rather appreciated their ability to do that!

The customer experience was mapped from the gate, and once I reached their office I was super impressed by the colour coded floor guides to show you the right path. When I did a client engagement on mindfulness in IT, I learned that the reassurance of knowing where you are and where you have to go gives peace of mind and hence the importance of signage. Oh, and to keep you occupied while waiting for your turn they gave out a nice magazine.

What’s even more impressive is that just a few years ago this same experience was one that you dreaded and took a couple of days off from work to complete, in addition to paying an agent to assist you. If you haven’t guessed which process this it is – it’s visa processing! And the company which has catalysed this transformation is VFS, which has the lion’s share of the outsourcing contracts for visa processing.

I was impressed because it was a text-book approach to a customer journey map with each element thought through and addressed. (Yes, yes, I’m aware that it may not work each time – but this is my fourth visa this year and the process has worked.) I’m a big believer in customer experience as a differentiator but it is rare that companies transform the entire process successfully.

Belson Coutinho has recently joined as CMO for VFS globally and in his “first 100 days” interview I’m a big believer in customer experience as a differentiator but it is rare that companies transform the entire process successfully.

So the next shiny goal for companies is to fix their customer experience to one that actually works! If you’d like some tips on how to do this I highly recommend our ebook which compiles the best of Let’sTalkCX in association with Oracle – you can download it here

VFS is proof that a good CX can be a business catalyst too. Imagine if all government processes were redesigned like this! Sushma Swaraj will be remembered as the rare politician that people felt they could contact directly and get attention from. Process reengineering can help create this experience for more people on a daily basis – it would be a fitting tribute to her.

If you missed my previous issue on “What Me Worry?” I’ve created a separate section just for newsletters on my website so you can easily find past issues there.


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